Tuesday, 26 May 2015


My first article is about "Extreme Sports" and i'll talk about some of this sports that sometimes makes to other people feel with a lot of adrenaline; one kind of this sport can be skydiving, a lot of persons   love to experiment this kind of sport because they feel like they are flying,Also the people that already have experience doing skydiving said to others that they feel a live when they are watching all in the top.

File:Skydiving 4 way.jpg

Other kind of extreme sport that i'm going to talk is "Surfing",and a chose this because for me is one of the most impressive things that people can do, maybe at this time you are wondering why? because the ocean is a place that the human don't know everything, we don't know all of the things that live there.

Finally snowboarding can be very dangerous to, like the other sports that i  been mention in this article,but this sport can be dangerous only if you pick a very difficult place to ski. All of this sports can be dangerous? don't you think?


Hi! my name is Monica Elizondo, i'm going to explain a little about me; i'm form Mexico and i came here to the ESL program to improve my English. In Mexico i'm studying psychology and the things that i love to do in my free time is to read and watch some good movies.